Mesa, AZ Residential Property Management

"I really appreciate having RMB as my property management. They do a great job of looking after my property and turn things around promptly when I have a tenant move out quickly finding quality new tenants to fill vacancies. It is an added bonus that the accounting and reporting process they use is very comprehensive and great for me as a remote landlord to see what is going on with my property."

RMB Properties is a full service residential property management company. We have dedicated managers that market and show properties to promptly fill vacancies, handle the application and tenant screening process, manage collection & evictions, coordinate any necessary repairs or property improvements, and send monthly distributions and comprehensive reports to owners.

Marketing: We market your vacant properties for lease using both traditional on-location agent signs as well as several web-based advertising platforms in order to lease your units quickly.

Tenant Screening and Selection: We understand that placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the property management process. Once we obtain a completed application and deposit, RMB Properties begins its comprehensive screening process. We contract with a qualified professional screening service to contact the prospective tenant's current and past landlords to verify rental history, present and past employers to verify employment and income, perform a criminal background search, and complete a credit check for judgments or evictions with prior landlords.Requiring prospective tenants to meet or exceed our base rental criteria is the first step to ensuring a better maintained property, consistent rent collections, and improved tenant relations.

Collections & Evictions: Your management team at RMB Properties handles all of the monthly billing and rent collections on your behalf and deposits the collections in a trust account. Our sophisticated property management software allows our team to track collections daily and triggers notices for any delinquent payments. Should the need arise to evict a tenant for non-payment or other valid cause, RMB Properties will facilitate that process from initial notice to court hearings to move-out and filing judgments with collection agencies. We work with an experienced real estate attorney whose area of expertise is rental real estate. On a case by case basis, RMB will work with delinquent tenants on a payment plan, but such cases will almost always require owner approval.

Repairs & Improvements: From time to time, every rental property will be in need of repairs and will require routine maintenance. RMB Properties takes the owner headache out of the process by dealing directly with tenants and facilitating the work order process. Our Property Managers review work order requests and, as outlined in our management agreements with owners, obtain required pre-approvals from our investor owners for estimated repairs in excess of pre-established limits. When a property becomes vacant, our owners are provided an estimate of required or recommended maintenance costs to turn the unit. Upon an owner's review and approval, we will schedule the work to be completed with qualified vendors and facilitate the payment for the work upon satisfactory completion of the repairs or improvements.

Like our cars and our own personal residences, owners are encouraged to have thorough inspections done at least every six months by qualified personnel to ensure their investment is performing properly and is well-maintained. We can help coordinate those recommended inspections.

Management Reporting: RMB Properties uses a web-based property management accounting software system to track all our owners' portfolio metrics. Our owner portals provide online access to key documents, such as lease agreements and management agreements 24 hours a day. Even more importantly, our system faciliates streamlined delivery of monthly owner financial reports via email distribution or via download from the owner portal. RMB Properties handles all of the tenant billing and collections, pays all operating invoices on behalf of the owner, and prepares and remits the monthly sales tax returns to the appropriate municipalities. We send distributions to our owners monthly via check, on-line ACH payments, or by deposit at your local bank.

Flexibility: While RMB Properties is a full service management company, we can also provide a la carte management services for investors. As an example, an investor who lives locally and prefers to self-manage all property maintenance may only be interested in engaging RMB Properties to handle tenant collections and management reporting. We will gladly accommodate such arrangements on a case by case basis and adjust our management fee arrangement based on the services we provide.

With a strong property management company on their team, investors can enjoy the benefits of rental property investing without the headaches that often time accompany the day to day management of the investment.

By choosing RMB Properties as your property management provider, you will be getting a qualified and professional company and enjoy one of the lowest rate structures in town. RMB Properties is currently looking to expand our smaller multifamily and single family residential properties portfolio! We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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