Property Management, Testimonials

In mid 2011, we asked some of our clients, both investors and renters, to submit testimonials to be published on our new website and marketing materials. See below to see some of the testimonials that were sent in:

"First of all, thank you very much for all your help with the rental property. We have enjoyed living here and renting the property through RMB Properties. You have always been very considerate to us and responsive to any of our needs. We really like this area as well as living in the house and we are aware that our lease will be coming to its one year expiration in the next month. Because we enjoy living here, we would love to extend our lease and were wondering if we could sign a lease extension through the end of May 2013. Thanks again for all your generosity and making living in the house and leasing from you and RMB Properties very simple

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks."

- Kendra and Brock Oswald (Renters)

"The RMB team is very professional, well-organized and knowledgable. They are quick to respond to maintenance issues and choose good quality, cost-effective solutions. For the past 6 years, despite the difficulties in the rental market, RMB has been doing a fantastic job keeping my 4-plex looking nice and rented out. I recommend RMB Properties very highly. I don't know what I would do without them!"
- Serena F. (Investor)

"Hi my name is Tonya and I have been with RMB Properties for over three years now and they are so great. They are so easy to work with they are caring and they make you feel like you matter and are not just someone to fill one of their properties. If you have a problem or concern they are right on top of it. I have told friends and family about them when they are looking for a new place and they have been able to help a couple of them find new places to call home. I would recommend RMB Properties to everyone I meet. We have been happy from day one.

Thank you for all that you do."

- Tonya Ray (Renter)

"My wife and I own a 6,000 sf home on a 1.5-acre equestrian estate in Mesa, AZ. Although we tried self-managing our beautiful property as a rental home, we soon realized that the time and resources required to successfully self-manage our rental were more than we wanted to invest. Our decision to hire a professional management company has been a great one and has saved us significant time, energy and resources year over year. The staff at RMB Properties consistently works in our best interest to address any property maintenance issues, facilitate tenant showings, applications and selections, and timely address any other property issues as they arise. We also appreciate that RMB is local to our neighborhood and takes care of everything for us including regular monthly reporting and all communication with the tenants they found for us. We value our relationship with RMB, have been very satisfied with the level of service they provide, and are confident in recommending them to fellow investors in the East Valley."
- Robert Weathers (Investor)

"While I have known Ryan Brown for several years, I first became interested in doing business with RMB Properties two years ago after hearing about the successful investment projects he was spearheading. I had an IRA that was consistently losing money and was looking for some alternative investment options. Ryan helped me establish a self-directed IRA, transfer my traditional IRA funds, and invest these retirement funds in real estate investments with higher returns. As my real estate broker, Ryan worked with me to find and purchase a short sale home for $95,000, oversee the remodel process, and then resell it for $149,000 only 3 months later. After costs, I realized $20,000 in profit with the tax deferral benefits of an IRA. Ryan has also helped me find and purchase a rental investment property. I'm happy to recommend Ryan and his staff at RMB Properties as they truly try to make decisions in the best interests of their clients and have helped me better prepare for retirement in these trying economic times. "
- Leon Jackson (Investor)

"Lacey is amazing! She found me a great condo then helped me move into a large home that is perfect for my family! I have rented with RMB Properties for almost 3 years now and have always enjoyed coming into the office because the staff is SO NICE! When it comes time to buy a home, Lacey is going to be my first call"
- Danielle G. (Renter)

"RMB Properties has been a great management company to work with. You have always responded as our property manager on a timely basis and have been helpful and understanding whenever we needed help with an issue. Our experience with RMB Properties has been a good one."
- Ron and Carol (Renters)

"I have been renting from RMB now for almost a year, we have been blessed that this Property management company was put in our path. They have been very good at responding quickly and always friendly, any time we have had any issues with the home. Bob Brown is our property manager, he is a kind hearted man, who has been very accommodating to myself and my family. I know as long as we are renters I will go through RMB Properties."
- Glen & Kathryn Smith (Renters)

"The team at RMB Properties have managed our single family rentals ever since we've owned them. They are extremely responsive to the tenants and the owners alike. They quickly identify and address any issues that arise with the properties. I appreciate the regular communications from Bob, our primary property manager. He's very detailed, clear and concise.

Vacancies are turned over reasonably fast and with little drama. RMB does a good job of managing the turnover and repair costs and often provide us multiple solutions to choose from. RMB has a good pulse of the market and they are our trusted advisor."

- Doug W. (Investor)

"Lacey is the best. She is always so busy but gets back to me immediately. She rocks!"
- Heather S. (Renter)

"I really appreciate having RMB as my property management. They do a great job of looking after my property and turn things around promptly when I have a tenant move out- quickly finding quality new tenants to fill vacancies. It is an added bonus that the accounting and reporting process they use is very comprehensive and great for me as a remote landlord to see what is going on with my property."
- Liz (Investor)

"RMB Properties is a great company, I would use you again if I needed a property management company in the future. I will be recommending you as well."
- Nicole (Investor)

"Thank you for all of your hard work. You are amazing."
- Erick (Investor)

"It has been a very pleasant experience renting here. What I like the most is that you, your company and the owners respect my privacy. While I certainly don't mind inspections every so often, I feel like it is my home. Just the perfect size for me, and the ceiling fans make the world of difference in the place."
- Diane M. (Renter)

"I have been a loyal tenant for over 6 months now... And I have no complaints what so ever! Lacey and RMB properties are 1 of the best companies to rent from!"
- Philip (Renter)